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Alejandro Gómez est un artiste multidisciplinaire, illustrateur, graphiste, mixologiste, un slashie comme la plupart d’entre nous. Son nom commence à résonner dans la sphère mariage, et sans le connaître toujours, vous le côtoyez souvent. Il est ainsi l’homme qui se cache derrière les logos de nombreux photographes de mariage en vogue.

Dans notre numéro Tutti Frutti, nous l’avions interviewé, et il avait réalisé pour nous une planche de tattoos que vous pouvez télécharger ici. L’interview est en anglais, et c’est trop me demander que de la traduire… Une fois n’est pas coutume, nos nombreux amis étrangers qui nous lisent ici seront ravis de ne pas faire l’effort de comprendre notre français.

La vidéo est de Ivan Monagas.

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You worked as a publicist, gaining experience with multinationals. You were tired of it. And decided to work for creatives, be they photographers, writers, illustrators and designers. Is that the story behind the brand that you love more than the brand itself?

Yes, I worked as an advertising creative communication for multinational brands and distributors of products especially in the automotive sector. And yes I got bored, I got tired of making up stories to help sell products or services. But I worked hard on this experience in branding. The idea was always to invent a good story to tell that would cause impulse buying of an individual after launching a product or service. At the same time I had contact with mixology (I’m a big fan of liquid), and I delved into personal branding. I realized that here was a noticeable difference, a game changer, it did awake my most personal work as a designer. That game changer came from making up stories before, to now telling the real story behind each person, each artist, and I loved it, because it gave me the opportunity to give my view of each through my personal work, which makes my eyes shine and everything to have meaning.

You made the logo for the three wedding photographers we interviewed in this issue.  Wedding didn’t use to be a cool industry. But it seems to be the new rad. How do you put some art in it? What is your story with these guys?

The wedding category has a conservative and classical origin, but what we have here is a change in the rules of the game: the category of wedding doesn´t need to be boring. And this is the boat the guys and i are enlisted in. A ship whose destination aims to change the way consumers think. 

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Workshops. Which one did you like the most. What would you love to do? Why?

My contribution here is to change the mindset of artists (photographers). That they don´t think about brides or potential clients when communicating, but think of themselves. Their branding needs to be an extension of their personality. That they think big, and fix short-and long-term goals and align the planets to get it. Branding is an exact science and I have many exercises that can help to know you as an artist and to serve as a lighthouse to build the brand. The goal is always the same, tell the real story behind each artist. Because a brand is not a logo, it´s an attitude and a mission, the logo is just the suit.

What are your inspirations? What are your projects?

My inspiration is old school, fashion, music, beach culture of the 80s, streetstyle, traditional tattoo culture, the history of European art, as the Flemish school (they were really a change of game´s rules), old illustrations of anatomy books, all analog, I consider myself a vintage victim…  the style of my wife, my son, my family and my friends… the culture of surfing and the window of my house. 

I can define the goal with something a friend told me once: «What matters is surfing, everything else is marketing». 

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A travel?

Any nook with ocean without city.

A secret recipe?

Perfect storm cocktail in barefoot.

A song?

«Smile» by Drowning Men.

A little pleasure in life?

My son’s smile.

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