Aujourd’hui on vous dévoile les images d’un photographe et un peu plus encore. Le mariage de Laura et Carlos est fort en contrastes, les noirs et blancs sont sublimés par des pointes de couleurs très franches. Les mariés sont émouvants, et dans l’air du temps. Ce mariage a un petit goût subversif en même temps qu’il fait la part belle à l’amitié.



Meet People Producciones

What’s your story? Could you tell us a little bit more about you? Could you tell us what leads you to photography?

I’m a frustrated cinematographer. That’s my absolute passion since I was a kid. I studied for being one, but I didn’t get it.. yet! So, in wedding photography I found that I could make it real all that images that I had in my head, all these things that I saw in a different way, and all the stories about people.

What does photography represents for you? In your life?
And wedding photography? Why have you chosen this orientation?

I’m a extremely shy person. I have some fear and social insecurities in my normal days. But when I grab a camera I need to take photos of persons, of people. I’m not interested in nature, fashion… I have the need of knowing more about people. It’s a kind of therapy for me. I feel good when I do it and i love when people see the same beauty in my photos that I saw before taking it.

Wedding photography is amazing for me. It’s a perfect mix of emotions in persons: happiness, cry, love, nervous… all in a few moments. I need to take photos where I can see that things are happening, where i can see persons feeling something. 


How would you describe your style?

I have my own rules when I look for good photos: good light, good composition.. and people within these two things. But I always let the emotions of the people drive me where they wanna go. It’s hard for me to talk about “my style” because I think I haven’t one. It’s something that comes from inside. I would love that someone could tell that my photos are cinematic…

Have you some good memories to share about weddings?

Sharing wedding photos is something great! At least for me. I didn’t expect that the way i see things could look beautiful for someone else. And when I started to share I discovered that people liked what i do, it’s like deleting all my insecurities and fears.


Your choices. Color, or black and white? Analog or digital?
What stuff do you have in your bag?

I shoot in digital. And I ALWAYS shoot in black and white on camera. The RAW file allows me to convert to color, but when I shoot I need to do it in black and white. Doing this, I just look and pay attention in light, composition, emotions… I’m not distracted by colors. 

In my bag i carry only three lenses: 35mm 1.4 45mm TS and 85mm 1.8. No flash. Only natural light. And before every wedding I listen good music that inspires me (daughter, bon iver, sigur ros, movie soundtracks..) and maybe I watch the first teaser trailer from “Interstellar” movie (i carry it on my phone). There is a quote that inspires me: “Our greatest accomplishments cannot bed behind us ».


What are your little obsessions?
What are your inspirations? The people that make you dream?
What are your projects?

All my big inspirations came from cinema. When I started in wedding photography I had never done something similar. So I didn’t have vices from old school. So I started taking photos “purely” just with inspiration in movies and shows. Later, I discovered a great wedding photographer called Fer Juaristi and he changed my way of seeing things. He’s my main inspiration in wedding photography. But when I feel a little bit stuck, I try to imagine how would shoot a wedding one of my favorite cinema directors. How would do a wedding Terence Malick, Christopher Nolan, Shyamalan, David Fincher….? That’s so good for me. It opens me a new world of possibilities. Basically, cinema is my inspiration, my little and big obsession…

Knowing you.

A travel? Iceland. A little pleasure of life? Coffee smell and Hear rain while i’m in bed. A song? “Youth” Daughter


Photography: People Producciones
Venue : Finca Biniorella, Camp de Mar (Andratx, Mallorca – Spain)
Catering: Garmendia Catering
Floral design + hairpieces: Marina Oh Fleurs
Wedding dress: Otaduy